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Putting Positive Youth Development Into Practice – A Resource Guide

by Marion on September 13th, 2010

Here is a resource out of the States on Positive Youth Development (PYD). Some of it speaks just to iniatives that are happening south of the border, however there are a number of pages you might want to check out, including (and these are the page numbers as referenced in the document)

9 – check list for PYD
16 – how to work with the media to get your PYD message out

19 on – check list of if you have PYD strategies in your progmam

24 – strategies for working effectively with youth

27 – listing of groups to collaborate with

33 on – how to team up with business, schools, service providers, media and government (really good and easy check list of what you might want to do to develop your relationships with these groups)

And, there are some really nice appendices you might just want to take a look at too.

Great resource for understanding PYD, sharing that message with those who may not yet understand it (decision-makers, politicians, business), creating new approaches, assessing existing services, and/or engaging others in your community with the enhancement services.

Putting Positive Youth Development Into Practice – A Resource Guide

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