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Add Your National Youth Week Story

If your program, event or activity fits any of the following, we want to hear about it!

  • Target population 13 years old and older
  • Happens during National Youth Week, May 1 –7th
  • Includes a celebration of youth
  • Centres on youth ‘play,’ which means anything a young person does in his/her leisure time which includes, but is not limited to, recreation, sport, leisure, arts, drama, dance, civic engagement, youth activism, volunteerism, social clubs and youth leadership
  • Quality leadership
  • Fun
  • Investment by community – parents, community leaders
  • Accessible – few barriers to participation, if any
  • Builds on existing community resources, programs & facilities, including schools
  • Collaboration – partnerships: with community, businesses.- combined resources and expertise

If the organization or sponsor are not in the list please enter the details in the Comments field and they will be added when the story is reviewed.