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Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI)

by Marion on September 13th, 2010

This resource is put out by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. It explains how teens’ (12 – 19) experiences can influence their health later in life. The information is useful when building the case for funders to support youth development programs. Scroll down to the Report piece. Click on that and then on the next page click on the Full Report. If you don’t want to print out the whole thing, interesting parts include three or four bullet points about youth relative to: their income and socioeconomic status, education, social networks and support environment, employment and working conditions, early child development, physical environment, personal health practices and coping skills, biological and genetic factors, health services, gender, culture, and mass media and technology. There is some good discussion that links asset development with positive youth development. All in all a good resource.

Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI)

Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) Action Plan 2007-2010

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